This website isn't in beta anymore, but I'm still changing the place constantly. Originally intended as a testbed for the new cloud-based JRAHS intranet prior to its the launch, the four-fold purpose of this website is summarised in the following goals:
  1. To provide an online, easily accessible library of assorted worksheets and resources that I personally produce (hence the name);
  2. To provide a collaborative tool for my students to use as the basis for their work;
  3. To explore the benefits and drawbacks of using various online technologies in the context of teaching and learning;
  4. To pioneer creative and helpful methods for using online information systems to assist teachers and students in their respective roles.
In short, it's a live experiment in what is possible in a collaborative web environment, and an outlet for my creativity. Having successfully advanced from the current static format of the intranet, I intend to move our school towards making full use of the longstanding benefits brought by cloud computing.

P.S. Woo Random Files wasn't always based in the cloud - the original incarnation of the site lived on the local JRAHS web server.

Mr. Woo

(currently held at James Ruse)
Classroom Teacher
Intranet/Internet Director 
ISCF Co-ordinator


Christian (see Writings)

Teaching Areas

Mathematics, Technology (IPT, SDD, IST, IT-VET)


Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Mathematics & Computing Studies), Honours, University of Sydney


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