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To rescue the stranded astronauts and bring them back to Earth.
  • Number of stranded astronauts
  • The resources they should have on them
  • Distance to the moon
  • Relative location of the moon to Earth
  • Desired landing place
  • How long they have to complete the project
  • What type of spacecraft to build & its design
  • The resources astronauts would need for their return trip
  • The most effective way to launch the spacecraft
  • The amount of fuel needed by the spacecraft to complete its trip
Collecting: Data needs to be collected about: how many astronauts to rescue (and possibly who they are), what resources the astronauts should have on them, the distance to the moon, desired landing place, and the location of the moon relative to Earth.
Organising: The numerical data would be put onto a spreadsheet.
Analysing: The space organisation has to work out how long they have to work on the projects so they can rescue the astronauts in time. Calculations need to be made about the collected numerical data to figure out the amount of fuel needed, best way to launch the spacecraft, and the type of spacecraft to be built. A model of the spacecraft is also needed.
Storing & Retrieving: Backup copies of all data and technology would be required.
Processing: The collected data would be processed to add/delete the data in the system. They would have to fix any mistakes and change their plans to suit any changes in the situation.
Transmitting & Receiving: The space organisation would have to communicate with the astronauts to find out exactly what resources they have and how long they can live on them for.
Displaying: Information needs to be produced about: how long they have to complete the project, what type of spacecraft to build and its design, the resources the astronauts need for their return trip, the most effective way to launch the spacecraft, and how much fuel the spacecraft will need to complete its trip.
  • People collecting the data
  • People involved in designing and modelling the spacecraft
  • People operating the communication devices
  • People performing calculations for launching the spacecraft
  • (If the spacecraft is manned, someone has to do that as well)
  • Spreadsheet
  • Software for modelling
  • (If the spacecraft is unmanned, there has to be software controlling the spacecraft)
  • Computer
  • Spacecraft
  • Radio
  • (Pencil and paper if the designing is not done on the computer)