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Environment:  Earth, Space station
Purpose: To conserve oxygen and energy to protect the wellbeing of the astronauts.
Information Processes:
Collecting: Currents situations of the disaster and opinions/data from those on board.
Organising: Prioritising the most imminent situation to solve to those that can be solved later.
Analysing: Corresponding information recieved into circumstances out in space and on Earth with available equipment.
Storing and Retriving: The data/information currently not being used and transmittions between the space module and the Earth's space centre.
Transmitting and Receiving: Communication to obtain data/information.
Processing: Updating information, making update improvements by adding information from current transmittions.
Displaying: Potraying calculations of circumstances and simulation results for problems.
Participants: Employees who work with computer systems that receive information from the space module. Astronauts on board with technology expertise.
Data/Information: Reports and transmittions concerning the conditions of damage as well as the circumstances of the astranouts on board. Statistics on the oxygen levels and cost of damage and other resources.
Information Technology: Computer hardware and the computer itself, radio wave communication devices, software for simulations, cameras for snapshots of damage, satellites and telephones used between those on Earth.