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Guo & Ko.

Environment: "Odyssey" module, Ground Base AKA Mission Control
Purpose: To repair the damaged oxygen modules, restore the ships functions, and get the astronauts home safely.
Inforrmation Processes
  • Collecting - Data from the astronauts to understand the current situation, data on the number of oxygen tanks left, data on what other system/functions have been affected/damaged
  • Organising - Formatting numerical data in to a spreadsheet for further analysis/calculation, preparing a report so all people involved know what to do, prepare a media release
  • Analysing - Making graphs/charts, calculations (eg. How long oxygen will last, how long it will take to get supplies to the module), modelling/simulations (trajectory of ship, where it can land)
  • Storing and Retrieving - Backup copies of essential data
  • Processing - Using specialised software to process data on locations, speeds, trajectories, etc.
  • Transmitting and Receiving - Data and instructions between ground and astronauts, administration and work groups
  • Displaying - A successful outcome, charts, graphs, reports
Participants: astronauts up in the module, people down on the ground at Mission Control
Data/information: location, speed, and trajectory of the spacecraft, co-ordinates of possible landing sites; remaining oxygen levels in the spacecraft, operational status of other functions/systems within the spacecraft
Information technology: networked computers, supercomputers, large display screens, radio communication devices
The end.