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10 November

In groups, choose a local information system that you all members of the group use on a frequent basis (e.g. something within the school, nearby shopping centre). For the system you choose:
  1. Produce a rough model of the system, representing all the essential elements of the system in a form that can easily be comprehended. You may do this in the manner you choose (the model you create might be electronic, on paper, or have an actual physical presence), so long as it accurately represents the system and assists in understanding it (from a problem-solving point of view).
  2. Create a plan for making a small-scale prototype of the system, including what would be needed for the prototype to functionally imitate the full-scale system it is based upon.
  3. Write questions to form an end user survey and a system participant survey, by which you can personally assess the system and identify any potential problems. Also include (on a separate document) some anticipated answers to these questions, and what adjustments you might make to the system in response to such answers.