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12 November

During this lesson, you will be testing out the effectiveness of your peers' system models, prototypes and participant/end user surveys. Answer the following questions with regard to your classmates' work:
  • System models: does it accurately represent the critical features of the system? Is it easily understood and informative? Would it assist people who are trying to understand the system in the simplest way possible?
  • System prototype plans: how closely would it imitate the functions of the full systems? Since it is scaled-down, what things will be easier to test out? Conversely, what limitations will the prototype have?
  • Surveys for participants & end users: will they provide useful, informative feedback? Complete a survey and provide the writers of the survey with some actual answers that they can use to test out the clarity and effectiveness of their surveys.
For each of these, consider how each (the models, prototypes and surveys) might be improved, and pass on as much feedback as possible to the authors. Click on a link to go to the relevant content, and then provide feedback to them (or complete one of their surveys) through the website.

Once you have chosen a team to provide feedback to, edit this page and add your name in the column on the right, so that we have an even spread of people giving feedback to the respective groups.


Team members



Canteen Amy, Joey Model, Prototype, Surveys Blair, Clay, Kevin
Canteen Bach, Kevin, Jason Model, Prototype?, Surveys Nivvi
School intranet Blair, Tony Model, Prototype, Surveys Bach, Joey
Sickbay Clay, Komal, Nivvi Model, Prototype?, Surveys Amy, Jason
Fingerprinting system Lakmitha, Parth Model is on paper, Prototype, Surveys

Cathy, Ria

Train system Richard Model, Prototype, Surveys Tony
Bus Cathy, Ria Model, Prototype in book. Survey Komal, Richard