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14 November

Today you'll be doing a lot of minor adjustments and alterations to your individual section of the website within the student sandbox. Here's the checklist:
  1. Head to the classroom work index page for this term, and make sure that your classwork is up-to-date. All questions should be answered, tables should be filled out, and feedback should be provided to others if that was requested during the lesson.

    Also, avoid having a copy-paste of the lesson's assigned work on your own sub-page. You can quote questions as you answer them, but rather than having big blocks of repeated data around the website, make a link to the assigned questions on your work page. For instance, Clay's page for her sickbay model ought to link to this page of assigned work.

  2. Your landing page is the your own index page in the student sandbox, the first page that people will see if they navigate to your section (e.g. here is Blair's landing page). Please edit your landing page to include an organised list of the classwork you have created, so that you can easily peruse and study your past work. The list of sub-pages at the bottom of your landing page is not sufficient - it is arranged alphabetically (not chronologically) and does not provide any description of what you will find on each page. That will make your content harder to navigate in the future when you have forgotten what you did on 4 November!

    Also, note that 'content you have created' includes things that may not actually be located within your section in the sandbox. The parts you contributed to the Syllabus Project,

  3. Clean up the content in your sections, and format all your content professionally. Make your landing page clean and informative; any personal content should be moved to a sub-page and very limited. Treat your individual section as part of the wider website and regard it as a portfolio for this online learning website.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!