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31 October

These communication skills are vital to teams developing information systems.
  • Active listening. The listener actively clarifies the speaker's ideas and words (with questions like, "What do you mean by...?" or "So do you mean that...?"). It ensures that information, not just data, is transmitted and received.

  • Conflict resolution. Team members with disagreements resolve their conflict by reaching a mutual compromise, enlisting the help of neutral mediation, and actively listening to clarify any potential misunderstandings.

  • Negotiation skills. These occur within the team, and between the team and outside parties (for instance, when speaking with stakeholders or end users of the system being developed).

  • Interview techniques. How can questions be asked that assist in the delivery of constructive and insightful feedback that can improve the system?

  • Team building. A team must be cohesive and able to work inter-dependently to function well. A great counter-example is a typical bureaucratic political situation: parties are fractured in power struggles and forced to work relatively independently (often in direct opposition to others with whom they must co-operate), and so hardly anything gets done!
Give examples of how these skills were, or were not, used within the context of the development of The Syllabus Project.