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4 November

Advantages of teamwork

We have looked briefly at the negative consequences of teams that don't function well. But what advantages are there for developing an information system with a team rather than as isolated individuals?
  • Increased productivity. Explain, with an example.

  • Enhanced job satisfaction. Explain, with an example.

  • The development of a quality system. Explain, with an example (don't forget: what is the definition of a system?).

  • Think of additional advantages, and explain each.

Social & ethical issues

In the preliminary course, we looked at the social and ethical issues that arose with each individual process. Now that the shoe is on the other foot - and we are developing a system from the ground up rather than entering into pre-developed systems - what social and ethical issues must be considered by system developers? (Note: remember that social and ethical issues are those that concern people connected to the system.)
  • Individual privacy. Explain, with an example.

  • Data security. Explain, with an example.

  • Need for complete documentation. Explain, with an example.

  • Think of additional issues (I can think of at least three more major issues - you should be able to think of even more!), and explain each.