Affirmative 1: Clay

Face-to-face wins the race for the best place.

Firstly, because face-to-face is the best kind of communication. Face-to-face is a conversation, a difficult (?) conversation in which the communicators can communicate within view of each other and so that your natural voice may be used along with body language, like this. And, communication, I'm sure you know what 'the best kind' means, which means the best kind. Communication includes being able to get an idea across to another person, and obviously face-to-face wins the race for the best place, because according to Jacaranda IPT HSC Course Book, which we all study from, we cannot develop, quote: "...cannot develop interpersonal relationships..." unquote.

Second point, when you're, obviously, if you're not communicating face to face, then you'll have to be doing it electronically. And electronically, you can have identity fraud, so I can pretend to be Nivvi, and you wouldn't know because I'm hidden behind the computer and seven proxies. And face to face, there's physical documentation, so that, instead of storing it online or on a computer, which can be wiped with magnets, or corrupt, then you just instantly lose it. But if you write it down, you can keep it and photocopy it. The environment, you can, you know what the person's like, you see their body language, see if they're trustworthy. Security, so if you're online, people could just take your personal details and use it for who-knows-what. But when you see them face to face, which wins the race for the best place, you can see if they're trustworthy.