Affirmative 2: Nivvi

"Firstly, we do not understand the scope of the negative team because they confused the topic. Why should we use technological skills when face-to-face has been working for over centuries. And, like for rebuttal, when you say, through technology there can be lots of identity fraud like when you are talking to your grandma. How do you know it's your grandma? Anyway, when you see that colour of their skin, metaphorically they could just make it up. Teachnology is unreliable and it can be costly too.
So when you have face-to-face it's more reliable and by developing these personal relationships that Clay said, in the long run it's cheaper because through personal relationships you get cheaper deals and everything. And also, how this fraud, technology fraud is really really common and you've heard about cyber bullying and all this stuff where people pretend to be someone else and then you get owned. And also, it's just like a job interview, would you interview someone for something that you, like your position online? You don't even know if it's them. You can't see their body language and through body language you can usually detect frauds. There's also high initial costs ( that it?..oh...) for technology and too much training and did you know that more than half the population, of an employment seeking, have not been brought up in our technologically advanced place and so, yeah.
Therefore, face-to-face wins the race for the best place."
NB: Most of the um's and like's have been edited out.