Affirmative 3: Ria

I would like to change some misconceptions made by the negative team.You make friends face-to-face. Mostly your friends are face-to-face.You don't recognise your grandma. "The social and ethical issues in non-face-to-face is in face-to-face." However lack of personal contact is not a social and ethical issues.Teleconferencing is not face-to-face.

When I meant scope of your negative team, I meant some people were deviating from the idea of technology is a main aspect of telecommunication. And you say that it's costly to go on a plane but what about the hight initial cost and maintenance skills and the reliance on other people to do your work.The simple basic skills of setting up a conference for somebody else, you have to get somebody else To do because you can't do it yourself.And electricity use. The long cables that you send information along take a lot of electricity which is also another way of making it expensive.Face-to-face wins the race for the best place.