Negative 1: Blair

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"First of all I'd like to quote Martin Luther King who says 'we should judge people by the content of the character and not the colour of their skin.' Well, when you are communicating with someone who is not there - and we define face to face as having a physical presence - if they're not there and we can't see the colour of their skin, then we can't judge them by the colour of their skin. You can only judge them by what they are saying to you, which is, the content of their character. Furthermore, if you're face to face you have to be, well, face to face... within reasonable distance as you can't hear someone over a kilometer. With non face to face methods such as the internet and phone you can talk to your grandma in China... you can talk to some person you are sponsoring in Africa... you could talk to anyone basically if you have the right equipment.

Now... if you're not face to face then you have more time to think about what you'll say. You can have more sophisticated conversations. You can have time to reply to things. All of you right now - you wish you could have all the time in the world to rebut what I'm saying right now... And if it wasn't face to face you would have that time. What about projects like our IPT assignment? If we had everything face to face we wouldn't be able to create as much documentation. There is a vast record of everything we've done on the Intranet in the 'Recent Changes'. That's an example of non face to face communication.

Well, what the other team said about gestures and identity fraud... we've just spent an entire lesson talking about teleconferencing. You can see who you are talking to in teleconferencing. What about... how you said 'something about places'? Think about how you're going to get to those places. You're going to drive... You're going to have to walk there... At any rate you're going to have to get there somehow. Now, that also puts off anything you can say about environmental impacts because you're going to have to drive to meetings.

What about identity fraud even if you can't teleconference? Well even people on Wikipedia have developed something I believe is called the MD5 hash or something similar. It's basically a way of verifying your identity without revealing who you are, it's very complicated...

Communication is world wide, not just face to face. If you want to communicate using a versatile method, you don't want stay communicating face to face. You'll want to communicate using electronic methods."

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