Negative 2: Bach

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The opposition said that none face to face communication over the internet and stuff, you can have fraud but who says that the person living next door to your grandma couldn't have just snuck over and and killed her and pretended to be your grandma and you standing next to that fraud can't identify the difference. You can still have that problem [identity fraud] with face to face communication. The social and ethical problems with non face to face communication are still present in face to face communication.
Okay you say that the cost, right, everyday technology is getting cheaper and if you are going to be doing face to face communication say with a cousin in Europe halfway across the world you are going to have to buy her a ticket to get here costing 2000 dollars! With that same amount of money you can buy a computer and you can have communication between each other continuously for years on, instead of just a few weeks a few months.
Face to face communication you can see gestures and expressions and that can help in communicating ideas and all but with non face to face communiation you can still have teleconferencing where you can still see gestures on a screen but they are not physically there.
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