Negative 3: Jason

Okay, I will.....Communication is worldwide, not just face to face. Firstly, I would like to correct a few misconceptions made by the affirmative team. One point that they made was that the electricity used by the computers and other electronic forms of communication is a waste of electricity and damages the environment but the actual fact is that driving or flying to meet face to face will have a far worse environmental impact and there are also methods of communication like sending a letter in the mail which doesn't hurt the environment as much. Generally, if you want to meet face to face, then you will need to meet in person but if you're sick or injured, you can't do that all the time. So non face to face technology helps people like sick people in hospital to socialise with other people and keep in touch which can be good for their social welfare and their morale. Nowadays, technology is getting easier and easier to use with just about anyone being able to communicate electronically and especially our younger generation is growing up with this technology so we would know how to use it. So, to recap a few other points. Non face to face communication such as online instant messaging or checking your emails is obviously easier to keep a record of instead of carrying one of these around with you all the time and recording all your conversations and transcribing it later which is a waste of time. Compared to if you need to keep a record for things such as projects, collaborative group work and things like that. The whole point of body language and the actual physical presence - well, new advancements in video conferencing and better technology and higher bandwith connections where you can actually see the person almost as if it's in real life. So communicaiton is worldwide, not just face to face.