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Multimedia Processes

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Buying an audio CD and putting its contents onto your home computer, where your home computer is the system  Blair 
Creating a panoramic photograph by stitching together several photographs, but without altering the originals  Blair 
Putting pictures on a website for backup purposes  Blair 
Copying an image from one hard drive to another on the same computer  Blair 
Etching a pre-designed pattern (your name) onto the metal back of a portable music player  Blair 
Removing unwanted sounds in an audio recording  Blair 
Reduction of image noise in photographs  Blair 
Reducing the frame rate to give the impression of "slow motion" video capture  Blair 
Streaming a television program on the ABC website  Blair 
Counting how many of your photos are of Rick Astley  Blair 
Synchronising an animation of Jason dancing to an audio recording of the song he was dancing to  Blair 
Buying a home server and putting your collection of (pirated?) songs onto it  Blair 
Sending a DVD from one SBS studio to another, where the system is the entire coalition of SBS studios  Blair 
Running a laser show with the assistance of a computer program which controls which lasers of which laser switch on at which time  Blair 
a visual aspect of a search engine displaying Ria 
**01. Voice recognition used for security purposes where voices are compared. Analysing Amy 
I took several photos and bought a digital frame. I uploaded the photos onto the frame and then gifted it as a present.  Displaying Komal 
Photoshopping out Komal's evil white jumper from all the Jap photos Processing Clay 
I alter Clay's singing (Nobody by the Wondergirls) alter it to digital data so that I can send it to everyone.  Processing Komal 
Making a Lolcat by adding a caption to a photo. Processing Amy 
Dubbing Power Rangers into many different languages Processing Joey 
Batch renaming a bunch of files into a more consistent format Processing Jason 
Aranging file frames into the intended order analysing Ria 
I upload Clay's awesome dance of Nobody, but the file is too big. So I change the format to something that will compress the video file. Organising Komal 
**04. Sending the 3x3 basketball draw to Komal Transmitting and receiving Clay 
What the council does with all development plans displaying Bach 
Understanding all the data collected to predict tomorrow's weather Analysing Joey 
**02. Arranging a series of clips into one continuous clip without any alterations, so that a black and white effect can be added to the whole thing later Organising Blair 
CGI; special effects Processing Jason 
Took a photo of Komal and tagging her "KOMAL'S WHITE JUMPER D:< Analysing Clay 
**05. Tagging people in a Facebook photo Analysing Jason 
Making Komal purple in a paparazzi photo Processing Clay 
**11. Flipping a picture from horizontal to vertical Processing Blair 
Adding tags to a multimedia file. Analysing Tony 
Changing image to give yourself two heads. processing Cathy 
I created a scrapbook of memories for myself so I could refer to my high school life when I got old.  S & R Komal 
Recording Komal singing her new hit single with a X-Y microphone setup Collecting Clay 
Saving a backup copy of files onto Woo Random Files Storing/retrieving; transmitting/receiving Jason 
**07. I visit the set of High School Musical 4 to assist with the filming. Collecting Komal 
Uploading a video of yourself lip-syncing badly to a song and putting it on Youtube. displaying Cathy 
When intending to watch video and/or listen to audio, data buffering occurs. Transmitting and Receiving Tony 
**08. saving convos with your bff in your inbox storing and retrieving Ria 
Saving an image from the internet then later using it for an assignment. Storing and Retrieving Amy 
**06. Changing a vector picture into bitmap Organising Joey 
Adding a warmifying filter in an image manipulation program Processing Blair 
I send a chain mail of photos. T & R Komal 
Projecting a video onto a large screen Displaying Tony 
Emailing an assignment to friends Transmitting/receiving Jason 
Me complaining to my local MP T&R Bach 
Saving an illegal copy of High School Musical onto my hard drive Storing & retrieving Clay 
Searching through all the photos from Japan Trip 2009. (including Mr.Goggin's 1700) Analysing Komal 
Looking at a video clip on a video camera after recording the clip on it. Displaying Amy 
Generating screencaps from a video file Processing Jason 
**09. I took a photo of a particular place. However, the file was a bit too big for transmission so I compressed the file into a more suitable format. Organising Tony 
the use of sound effects on a movie by the mixer processing Ria 
Adjusting a photograph to compensate for over-exposure or under-exposure during image capture Processing Blair 
Making many DVDs for a new movie Storing & Retrieving Joey 
Checking the indicator board on the front of a bus Displaying Jason 
Pirates creating the final product to be transmitted Organising Bach 
I watch Komal's videoblog on YouTube Displaying Clay 
**14. Enhancing an audio file by adding effects such as echo. Processing Tony 
the use of self check service instead of human people, the images being interactive and knowledgeable collecting Ria 
Converting a movie from DVD to an iPod-compatible format Organising Jason 
Applying artistic filters. Processing Tony 
Saving a 5sec podcast onto a floppy disk, where you can't listen to it there. storing and retrieivng Cathy 
Changing an audio file of Komal's new hit single "If I were a girl" to a poorer quality mp3 so that I can send it to all my friends Organising Clay 
telling everybody about somebody instantaneoulsy and that person replying transmitting and receiving Ria 
Uploading photos to Facebook Transmitting/receiving Jason 
Scanning an important document. Collecting Tony 
Rotating a photo Processing Jason 
**13. providing a caption to an image which leads to another image analysing Ria 
Changing some bitmap files into something that does not take such a long time to send Organising Joey 
There is not enough space on the hard drive so you burn the file to a DVD for temporary storage. Storing and Retrieving Tony 
saving your image files chronologically organising Ria 
Changing a photo of Komal to black-and-white in Photoshop so that her white jumper is less noticeable Processing Clay 
Explaining to Mr Best that the stage was unsafe Analysing Bach 
Using a X-Y microphone setup Collecting Jason 
**10. Standing in front of a blue background when shooting a movie and afterwards the background is replaced by a different background. Processing Amy 
**03. Fixing spelling and grammar errors in your blog processing Cathy 
Saving a Photoshop file as .gif. Organising Amy 
Taking photos from the rubbish bin, to re-use later. collecting Cathy 
Evgeny making Starcraft run in a window on Linux processing Bach 
Changing a photo from full colour to grayscale Processing Jason 
Downloading stuff off rapidshare.com, etc. Transmitting/receiving Jason 
Moving photos from a camera to a computer Transmitting & Receiving Joey 
**12. Listening to music through earphones Displaying Jason 
Watching the weather forecast Displaying Joey 
Burning a bunch of files to disc Storing/retrieving Jason 
Filming animals swimming around Collecting Joey 
**15. Me having fun on TPB and getting free stuff :D Collecting and T&R Bach 
Talking to Mr Wong about the stage S&T Bach 
Giving a weird photo to your boss. trans and receiving Cathy 
sorting images into different categories depending on the number of people in the background. analysing Cathy 
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