7.1 Table of Objectives and Outcomes

Students will develop:
Preliminary  Outcomes
A student:
HSC Outcomes
A student:
1. knowledge and understanding of the nature and the function of information systems

 P1.1 describes the nature of information processes and information technology
 P1.2 classifies the functions and opperations of information processes and information technology
 H1.1 applies and explains an understanding of the nature and function of information technologies to a specific practical situation
 H1.2 explains and justifies the way in which information systems relate to information processes in a specific context.
2. knowledge and understanding of interrelationships among information processes
 P2.1 identifies and describes the information processes within an information system
 P2.2 recognises and explains the interdependence between each of the information processes 
 H2.1 analyses and describes a system in terms of the information processes involved.
 H2.2 develops and explains solutions for identified need which addresses all of the information  processes. 
3. an understanding and appreciation of social  and ethical issues pertaining  to information systems, technologies and processes
 P3.1 identifies and descibes social and ethical issues
 H3.1 evaluates and discusses the effect of information systems on the individual, society and the environment
 H3.2 demonstrates and explains ethical practice in the use of information systems, technologies and processes
4. an understanding and appreciation of the emerging nature of information systems, tecnologies and processes within a historical context
 P4.1 describes the historical development of information systems and relates these to current and emerging tecnologies  H4.1 proposes and justifies ways in which information systems will meet emerging needs
5. skills in descriminatory selection and ethical use of approproate resources and tools to support information systems
 P5.1 selects and ethically uses computers based and non-computer based resources and tools to process information
 H5.1 justifies the selection and use of appropriate resources and tools to effectively develop and manage  projects
H5.2 assesses the ethical implications of selecting and using specific resources and tools, recommends and justifies the choices
6. skills and techniques to creatively and methodically plan, design and implement information systems to address needs
 P6.1 analyses and describes an identified need

 P6.2 generates ideas, considers alternatives and develops solutions for a defined need
 H6.1 analyses situations, identifies needs, proposes and then develops solution

 H6.2 selects, justifies and applies methodical approaches to planning, designning or implementing solutions
7. skills in management, communication and teamwork in relation to individual and group activities
 P7.1 recognises, applies and explains management and communication techniques used in indvidual and team-based project work

 P7.2 uses and justifies technology to support individuals and teams
 H7.1 implements and explains effective management techniques

 H7.2 uses methods to thoroughly document the development of individual and team projects