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1. The Higher School Certificate Program of Study

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The point of the HSC is to make high school more logical so that people would actually want to finish it, to make students better people, to make students ready for work/more education, and to show students how well they are doing.
The purpose of the HIgher School Certificate program study is to:
  • provide a curriculum structure which encourages students to complete secondary education;
  • foster the intellectual, social and moral development of students, in particular developing their:
    • knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes in the fields of study they choose
    • capacity to manage their own learning
    • desire to continue learning in formal or informal settings after school
    • capacity to work together with others
    • respect for the cultural diversity of Australian society;
  • provide a flexible structure within which students can prepare for:
    • further education and training
    • employment
    • full and active participation as citizens;
  • provide formal assessment and certification of students achievements;
  • provide a context within which schools also have the opportunity to foster students physical and spiritual development.
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