12.1 Requirements and Advice


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This section is about the Board of Studies' requirements for achievements in the Preliminary and HSC courses in IPT.  It includes purposes of the course, skills required of the students and the understanding of the syllabus are some points below.  The understanding of the teachers' standards of content and the syllabus are also seen
The information in this section of the syllabus relates to the Board of Studies’ requirements for assessing and reporting achievement in the Preliminary and HSC courses for the Higher School Certificate.
Assessment is the process of gathering information and making judgements about student achievement for a variety of purposes. In the Preliminary and HSC courses those purposes include:
  • assisting student learning
  • evaluating and improving teaching and learning programs
  • providing evidence of satisfactory achievement and completion in the Preliminary course
  • providing the Higher School Certificate results. Reporting refers to the Higher School Certificate documents received by students that are used by the Board to report both the internal and external measures ofachievement.  NSW Higher School Certificate results will be based on:
  • An assessment mark submitted by the school and produced in accordance with the Board’s requirements for the internal assessment program
  • An examination mark derived from the HSC external examinations.
Results will be reported using a course report containing a performance scale with bands describing standards of achievement in the course.
The use of both internal assessment and external examinations of student achievement allows measures and observations to be made at several points and in different ways throughout the HSC course. Taken together, the external examinations and internal assessment marks provide a valid and reliable assessment of the achievement of the knowledge, understanding and skills described for each course.
Standards Referencing and the HSC Examination
The Board of Studies will adopt a standards-referenced approach to assessing and reporting student achievement in the Higher School Certificate examination.
The standards in the HSC are:
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding expected to be learned by students – the syllabus standards
  • The levels of achievement of the knowledge, skills and understanding – the performance standards.
Both syllabus standards and performance standards are based on the aims, objectives, outcomes and content of a course. Together they specify what is to be learned and how well it is to be achieved.
Teacher understanding of standards comes from the set of aims, objectives, outcomes and content in each syllabus together with:
  • The performance descriptions that summarise the different levels of performance of the course outcomes
  • HSC examination papers and marking guidelines
  • Samples of students’ achievement on assessment and examination tasks.
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