12.2 Internal Assessment

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The internal assessment is a mark that is submitted by the school which will 'summarise' the student's achievements throughout the course. It will provide a much more precise measure of the student's abilities than the external assessment alone.


The internal assessment mark submitted by the school will provide a summation of each student's achievements measured at points throughout the course. It should reflect the rank order of students and relative differences between students achievements.


Internal assessment provides a measure of a student's achievement based on a wider range of syllabus content and outcomes than may be covered by the external examination alone.


The assessment components, weightings and task requirements to be applied to internal assessment are identified on 12.5. They ensure a common focus for internal assessment in the course across schools, while allowing for flexibility in the design of tasks. A variety of tasks should be used to give students the opportunity to demonstrate outcomes in different ways and to improve the validity and reliability of the assessment.

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