12.4 Board Reqs. for Internal Assessment

For each course the Board requires schools to submit an assessment mark for each candidate.

The collection of information for the HSC internal assessment mark must not begin prior to the completion of the Preliminary course.

The Board requires that the assessment tasks used to determine the internal assessment mark must comply with the components, weightings and types of tasks specified in the table on page 65.

Schools are required to develop an internal assessment program which:
  • specifies the various assessment tasks and the weightings allocated to each task
  • provides a schedule of the tasks designed for the whole course.
The school must also develop and implement procedures to:
  • inform students in writing of the assessment requirements for each course before the commencement of the HSC course
  • ensure that students are given adequate written notice of the nature and timing of assessment tasks
  • provide meaningful feedback on students performance in all assessment tasks
  • maintain records of marks awarded to each student for all assessment tasks
  • address issues relating to illness, misadventure and malpractice in assessment tasks
  • address issues relating to late submission and non-completion of assessment tasks
  • advise students in writing if they are not meeting the assessment requirements in a course and indicate what is necessary to enable the students to satisfy the requirements
  • inform students about their entitlements to school reviews and appeals to the Board
  • conduct school reviews of assessments when requested by students
  • ensure that students are aware that they can collect their Rank Order Advice at the end of the external examinations at their school.
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