***Highlighted means changes to the 2008 syllabus 

Students learn about: 
 Students learn to:
  • clarifying with users the benefits of the new information system
  • designing the information system for ease of maintenance
  • clarifying each of the relevant information processes within the system
  • detailing the role of the participants, the data and the information technology used in the system
  • refining existing prototypes
  • participant development, when people within the information system develop the solution
    • participant designed solutions
    • tools for participant development such as guided processes in application packages
  • tools used in designing, including:
    • context diagrams
    • data flow diagrams
    • decision trees
    • decision tables
    • data dictionaries
    • storyboards
  • develop a solution to a problem from a prototype
  • use a guided process in an application to create all or part of a solution
  • use system design tools to:
    • better understand the system
    • assist in explaining the operation of the new system
    • document the new system



***Minor changes have been made to original dot points to tighten and clarify definitions of terms and concepts and to remove ambiguities.

***System flow charts has been removed and storyboards added.

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