***Highlighted means changes to 2008 syllabus

 Students learn about:
Students learn about: 
  • acquiring information technology and making it operational 
    • hardware
    • software, customised or developed 
  • an implementation plan that details:  
    • participant training  
    • the method for conversion
    • parallel conversion
    • direct conversion
    • phased conversion
    • pilot conversion 
    • how the system will be tested conversion of data for the new system
  • the need for an operation manual detailing procedures participants follow when using the new system
  • determine training needs arising from the creation of a new system
  • compare and contrast conversion methods
  • justify the selected conversion method for a given situation
  • convert from the old system to the new
  • implement the appropriate information technology
  • develop an implementation plan for the project


***Most of the dot points highlighted in this section originally came from topic 8.3 and have been included here to provide a more cohesive treatment of the concepts. There may be some minor rewording.
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