Techniques for managing a project

 ***Highlighted means changes to the 2008 syllabus

 Students learn about:

 Students learn to:

  • communication skills necessary for dealing with others
  • the consequences for groups that fail to function as a team, including:
    • financial loss
    • employment loss
    • missed opportunities
  • project management tools, including:
    • Gantt charts
    • scheduling of tasks
    • journals and diaries
    • funding management plan
    • communication management plan
  • identifying social and ethical issues
  • understand the communication skills required to manage a system development project, such as:
    • active listening
    • conflict resolution
    • negotiation skills
    • interview techniques
    • team building
  • understand the need to apply project management tools to develop a system using a team approach
  • appreciate the advantages of groups that function as a team, including:
    • increased productivity
    • enhanced job satisfaction
    • the development of a quality system
  • appreciate the need for complete documentation throughout all aspects of the system
  • assess the social and ethical implications of the solution throughout the project
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