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The building of information systems needs the understanding of the information processes and the tools needed. Each information system is examined by focusing on the tools used to carry it out.
In order to understand and build information systems, information processes must be understood. This topic examines each of the information processes by focusing on some of the tools used to carry them out. The tools include information technology and non-computer procedures. In this topic, tools are categorised and presented according to a particular information process. In reality, however, one tool may overlap several processes. One tool cannot operate in isolation; therefore, demonstrations of particular tools will involve additional tools and processes. Information processes and tools affect participants within the information system and people beyond it, giving rise to social and ethical issues. Additional tools for specific types of information systems will be examined in the HSC course.


A student:


 describes the nature of information processes and information technology


 classifies the functions and operations of information processes and technology 


 identifies and describes the information processes within an ifnormation system 


 recognises and explains the interdependene between each of the information processes 


 identifies and describes social and ethical issues  


 describes the historical developments of information systems and relates these to current and emerging technologies



 selects and ethically uses computer based and non-computer based resources and tools to process information



 analyses and describes an identified need



 generates ideas, considers alternatives and develops solutions for a defined need



 recognises, applies and explains management and communication techniques used in individual and team-based project work




 uses and justifies technology to support individuals and teams

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