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Team Organisation

The first task for all of you in the HSC course is to familiarise yourselves with the massive amount of content that makes up the Board of Studies IPT Syllabus. You are going to convert the linear syllabus document into a hypertext, navigable syllabus website. This is a big project - the syllabus is 70 pages in length - and so the entire class will be involved. Sections will be divided up and done by separate students.

To complete the project, the class will be divided roughly into four teams - though at times each of you will be called upon to participate in another team and temporarily assist them. The following table describes the teams, how big each team will be (i.e. how many students in each), and each team's job description. Relevant discussion should take place on the project talk page.

To find out which team you are in, head to the Team Allocations subpage.




Navigation team


Designing the consistent page structure, and the overall navigation scheme.

Join linking team when finished.

Task details: diagrammatically represent a site design that each page will conform to, and create a comprehensive site map (on an A3 sheet that will be provided to you, which will be photographed and uploaded to the site as a reference for the content team).

Content team

Members of the content team should find out which parts of the syllabus have been assigned to them.


Typing and organising to convert the actual pages into website content, ensuring that material is consistently formatted, professionally presented and clearly organised. 

Join proofing team when finished.

Task details: divide up the content evenly and await instructions from the Navigation team – then begin creating all pages and transcribing text, using tables and images where necessary/helpful. 

On each content page you create, you will need to make a subpage called a talk page, where discussions and suggestions about the page are to take place, since content pages are to be uncluttered by ‘developer’ comments. Use the "More actions" button and select "Page settings" to disable the posting of comments on content pages.

Linking team


Deciding which keywords should be linked, and where to (within the site or external resources).

Join proofing team when finished.

Task details: go through the printed syllabus document (this will be provided to you) and highlight keywords that should redirect to other places in the site or on the internet; research external sources that may assist in clarifying these keywords; relay these to the content team to incorporate into their pages.

Proofing team


Ensuring that all content in the document is represented and checking the quality of work of all the above; being the "testing" team who act as uninformed users, making suggestions for the others to improve the website 

Join content team before there is material to proof.

Task details: see content team for initial instructions. Once enough content is in place (this is up to the proofing team’s discretion), start to search through the content and make suggestions on how to improve usability. Make your suggestions both in-person and through the talk pages, depending on which you think is most appropriate/helpful.

All teams can be involved in creating the "In 30 seconds..." summary text boxes mentioned in this news post.
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