Time Payments

posted Dec 11, 2013, 5:19 PM by Eddie Woo

Superannuation is about investment and making money, but another important application of geometric series is "time payments", which are about debts and paying off money. There are five videos in to cover this topic - they start here:

That link will take you to the playlist and you can press 'next' to progress through (or just wait till the video ends, it will simply take you to the next one).


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Now that you've wrapped your mind around the basic ideas of different series, it's time to look at how they apply to actual problem solving situations. The first kind of problem we'll look at is superannuation. Here are the videos:

(Just as an aside, the link to each video actually also links to the whole playlist too, so if you go to "Superannuation 1" and just watch till the end, it'll automatically go to the next video for you.)


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So it's taken me a whole year of recording videos, but here I am at last - ready to "flip" our classroom! As I said before, I think this is the ideal time to experiment - I'm eager to see how well it works. Our topic is Series and Sequences, and here's the link to the whole playlist:

We've already covered the content of the first few videos in class, so you can pick up from the Limiting Sum of a GP. Following that, I'll give you some exercises to work on together in class!

Tic Tac Toe Tournament

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IPT2013 Practice Questions!

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Put your questions in here: IPT2013 Practice Questions 
Send your sample answers / marking guidelines here: edward.woo@det.nsw.edu.au 

2013 Trial: Dataflow Diagram

posted Aug 18, 2013, 2:57 PM by Eddie Woo

Click to enlarge:

10IPT: Term 2 Exam Review

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Moving Trashcan

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I clearly need one of these in my classroom. 

Daniel and Swathi, I'm looking at you! 


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I have mentioned before that I have taken a Spiral approach to teaching the IPT course: that means we have now covered all the topics in the HSC course, but we can now go back to each of the topics and delve into more detail for each one. Today we'll be going back to the Databases topic and looking at an important development in accessing information held in a database: Query By Example. 
  1. Describe the motivation behind QBE's development.  
  2. Identify an example of QBE and explain the ways that it streamlines the process of retrieving data. 
  3. Outline the design principles that QBE demonstrates. 
  4. Compare and contrast QBE with SQL. 
  5. Outline potential ways that QBE could be important to the PRISM program (see yesterday's lesson). 

PRISM Case Study

posted Jun 24, 2013, 6:24 PM by Eddie Woo

After your previous exam, I alluded to the PRISM story, saying that I wish it had been published earlier so I could have included it in your exam! Well, it's just too good to pass up and I wanted you to investigate this issue while it was still relatively fresh. So here we go: 
Ordinarily I write questions and get you to do some comprehension and research to answer them. But this time I want you to write some questions of your own - 8 marks worth - and come up with some sample answers to go with them! Put them all into this Google doc.

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