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10IPT: §1 Maj. Proj. due next Wednesday

posted Mar 29, 2011, 12:12 PM by Eddie Woo
There is one more week until you are required to submit Stage 1 of your major project. The planning stage is really about sketching out blueprints to give you an idea of where you will go in the future. Architects, even (or, especially) those who are very experienced in their trade, pour hundreds of hours into the creation of detailed blueprints that describe their final product from every possible angle. Conclusion: the more effort you put in at this point, the more you will reap the rewards in Stages 2 and 3. I know I for one am very much looking forward to seeing all your plans - be ambitious!

I thought I would also publish the adjudicators' feedback from last debate. While I do that, it came to my attention that I did not publish the feedback (or the result!) from the debate before that! So below you will find the feedback and results for both Debate B and Debate C.

Debate B

Feedback from adjudicators:
  • I feel that the negative had a stronger argument, and referred to the question better
  • Tie; negative's argument was more specific, but affirmative more general. Equally good points raised by all.
  • It was too even. I actually can't decide.
  • Stronger arguments and confidence made the negative win.
  • Affirmative - Sumedh was off-topic and crap rebuttals; affirmative was more solid.
  • Affirmative won: negative's case was a little weak and irrelevant...
  • Affirmative win by a close margin, topic was in favour of affirmative. Affirmative's argument was also stronger.
  • Sumedh made it close but the topic always made it hard for negative to win. Therefore affirmative win.
  • Negative =) good work
  • Affirmative - stronger case than negative
  • Negative, just =) They kinda answered the topic
  • Affirmative had an overall better argument and negative could have attacked team better
  • Negative victory - despite not-so-good rebuttal, but team points and cohesion was good.
  • Affirmative, negative were slightly off-topic
  • Affirmative - better addressing of topic, all had well-defined points
  • Strong 3rd from negatives; affirmative wins by Vithoo's speech.
Result: tie. On one hand, both teams argued strongly; on the other hand, neither was able to convincingly defeat their opponent's case (as is evident by the feedback comments).

Debate C

Feedback from adjudicators:
  • I believe the negative won because of their topic not their arguments
  • Negative team could have diversified points but showed strong cohesion
  • Negative won the debate slightly because their points were better and had better manner despite their lack of further examples.
  • Both teams avoided going into depth due to burden of knowledge. Negative was slightly more on topic.
  • I believe the negative team won because of a more cohesive argument and because they pounced on critical mistakes in the affirmative's argument
  • Negative seemed much more confident and arguments easier to understand and more relevant - debate goes to negative
  • The affirmative seemed to argue 3 different cases, the negative stuck to one case and argued it much better
  • Negative.
  • Negative - argument flows better and are stronger than opposition.
  • Affirmative - they had better rebuts, stronger points, slightly better team cohesion
  • Positive had a good start but then it dropped off. Negative flowed nicely - negative win.
  • I think the Negative team won because (although both teams had excellent arguments) they were able to turn some of the positive team's ideas to their advantage.
  • Both teams were strong in their contest and delivery, but the negative team's mention of content hosted by ISP placed the affirmative ahead. Affirmative win.
  • Tight debate, but I believe that the negative team won purely as they had a more consistent and backed-up argument - it stuck together better.
  • Negative managed to achieve a sustained argument with solid points, while the affirmative started stronger but faded away. Vote for negative.
  • Negative!!
  • The affirmative manner was good, but negative worked better as a team and better points.
Result: negative win. While there were highlights on the arguments of both sides, the negative team's case ended up being more cohesive and substantial.