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10IPT: A Proper Introduction

posted Feb 12, 2013, 12:20 PM by Eddie Woo
Okay, so you've done pretty well to survive without me for these last couple of days! Now that I'm back, we're really going to get stuck into it. Ready? 
  1. Distinguish between information systems, systems that communicate, and communications systems. 

  2. Outline the main features of the communications system framework (seen below). 

  3. For each of the following instances of communication, identify the source, transmitter, medium, receiver and destination that form the communications system.
    • You receive a postcard in the mail from a family member overseas.
    • You watch a TV show.
    • You place an order at McDonald's.
    • The person taking your order at McDonald's requests for your meal to be made.

  4. Watch Warriors of the Net. Briefly describe each of the main steps that the packet must go through on route to its destination.