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10IPT: Artificial Neural Networks

posted May 14, 2013, 2:49 PM by Eddie Woo
It took us some time, but we finally made it to the fourth and final type of decision support system - the very fancily-named Artificial Neural Network!
  1. Explain the main drawback shared in common between all three of the previous types of DSS.
  2. Identify the basic concept that neural networks are based upon. Propose arguments for and against the use of this particular concept as the model of a computer-based information system.
  3. Neural networks and expert systems are both designed by human software engineers. Contrast the relationships between these two decision support systems and their designers.
  4. A neural network's designer is often incapable of providing an explanation for the decisions made by the network as a whole. Explain how this can be the case.
  5. Compare the characteristics of parallel processing systems and neural networks.