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10IPT: "At Aussie..."

posted May 15, 2012, 2:35 PM by Eddie Woo
"...we'll save you!" Apologies, but I can't really talk this morning (seem to have lost my voice.) Please get going on the following tasks, which all relate to Aussie Home Loans.
  1. Describe three distinct information systems that operate as a part of or in connection to Aussie's website.

  2. For one of the systems you have identified, construct a full information system diagram.

  3. Explain how each of the following kinds of systems have been integrated into the website:
    • Database
    • Communications
    • Multimedia

  4. Explore the Mortgage Intelligence tool. Describe the kind of decision support it provides and evaluate it as a tool for helping end users to make financial decisions.

  5. Discuss the social and ethical issues raised by the website as a whole, considering both the services provided and the human infrastructure supporting it.