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10IPT: Aussie Home Loans

posted Jul 27, 2011, 1:54 PM by Eddie Woo
This is one of my favourite parts of the course. You now have one-and-a-half years of IPT under your belt, which means that I can now do to you what I myself do on a daily basis: namely, let you loose on an information system and work out all the diverse ways that it relates to the course on your own steam. I could give you more specific direction, but you now know enough to basically knock yourselves out!

So, here we go: the following tasks all relate to Aussie Home Loans.
  1. Describe three distinct information systems that operate as a part of or in connection to Aussie's website.

  2. For one of the systems you have identified, construct a full information system diagram.

  3. Explain how each of the following kinds of systems have been integrated into the website:
    • Database
    • Communications
    • Multimedia

  4. Explore the Mortgage Intelligence tool. Describe the kind of decision support it provides and evaluate it as a tool for helping end users to make financial decisions.

  5. Discuss the social and ethical issues raised by the website as a whole, considering both the services provided and the human infrastructure supporting it.