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10IPT: Awesome Holiday Update!

posted Apr 20, 2011, 4:27 AM by Eddie Woo
It's peaceful holidays for most people, but 10IPTers (at least, the diligent ones!) are busy busy busy. Me too. I have recently done a lot of things around the site related to HSC IPT, so let me run through them:
  • Summary of Term 1 Assessments. Now that they are all finished, I have taken all the activities from last term - quizzes, debates, essays and presentations - and posted them up on a single page. I'll let you decide whether it was better or worse than just having a single large exam toward the end of the term. I have been waiting until the final debate (which concluded on the last Wednesday of term) to tabulate all your marks for these assessments, so you'll get them in the first or second week back next term.

  • Classwork Tasks Index. This will help a lot of you who have let your assigned classwork slip behind. You know that frequently (though not always), I make a news post with your lesson's tasks in it. For all the lessons where I did that, I have gathered together links to the posts and categorised them by topic. If you need to revise, you can go back to what we did on Project Management or Databases based on the news post for those lessons. I hope this is a useful revision tool for you

  • 2011 Major Project Marking Scheme. Left the best till last. (Well, best depending on your point of view I suppose.) At last, I have put together a table of where all the marks in your major project will be assigned. When I finished drawing it up, there were 125 marks in total: 15 for Stage 1, 40 for Stage 2 and 70 for Stage 3. Those 125 marks are divided into 31 items/areas that I will be giving you a specific score for. I hope that most of it makes sense to you already, but I will devote a lesson to explaining it in our first lesson next term.
Lastly, I am going to be issuing permissions to those students who have elected to host their multimedia system on the school's intranet. So far only four of you have taken up this offer - which is far fewer than I thought would! So if you meant to ask me and forgot, email me now: Time is running short!