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10IPT: Bits & Pieces

posted May 4, 2011, 2:48 PM by Eddie Woo
This post has no unifying theme. I scratched my head for a while trying to come up with one, but it's just all over the place. So... deal with it. 8-)

Debate D Feedback
The final debate that we had last term was an introduction to the communications systems topic. Some of the speakers confused this with multimedia, which weakened their case. Here are the adjudicators' comments:
  • Affirmative was more cohesive and had more persuasive speeches and rebuttals.
  • Negative win. Negative had a wider scope of arguments, with 3rd Affirmative only mentioning critical telecommunications developments (telephone etc).
  • Negative yeah!!! =)
  • Negative by like 0.5, just better consistency and emphasis on points
  • Although both sides had slight problems with keeping a sustained argument, there were more holes in the negative team's points. Affirmative victory.
  • Negative won. The team was better as a whole. Affirmative had poor cohesion.
  • Narrow margin - negative won by LITTLE bit. 1st speaker sort of wasn't in sync which unfortunately lowered the affirmative score.
  • Although negative had very strong points, their argument was not as refined as the affirmative. Overall very close.
  • Affirmative won because of added cohesion, better presentation and strong rebuttals
  • Negative won because they addressed the other team's arguments more effectively =)
  • Affirmative won the debate easily because they related to the topic better and content was better.
  • Tie: both were very cohesive + sustained within themselves, but both teams failed to chainsaw the other team's case.
  • Negative - better cohesion between all speakers was the difference between the teams. Affirmative finished strongly, but the start was poor.
  • Tie: they both had great arguments and good methods.
  • V. close debate, but better rebuttals and more team cohesion produced an affirmative victory
  • Close debate, but better points gave negative the win
Mr. Woo's verdict: negative win, by a narrow margin.

Term 1 Activities
I've given out the marks, and the weighted scores add up to 100. In total, these assessments replace the exam that would have occurred in Term 1 and they account for 15% of your total HSC score (as per the course outline). If you have any questions about this assessment, let me know.

Major Project Stage 2
It's come to my attention that the due date for the Prototyping Stage, Wednesday 25 May, is the Athletics Carnival! So I am extending the due date for this stage by... one day. You will hand in your Prototyping Stage on Thursday 26 May (that's a morning class, exactly three weeks from today).