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10IPT Essay Topic

posted Feb 28, 2011, 4:45 PM by Eddie Woo
As per Tm 1 Class Activities, this essay will be due in for submission on Wednesday 16 March (Week 8).

Haiti. Chile. Egypt. Kenya. New Zealand*. Each of these countries - and many more - is a testimony to the power of mobile devices, multimedia and social networking websites in responding to disasters, both natural and man-made. While each tool has its own unique features, it is the combination of all these services - as well as their near-universal accessiblity - that has made an incredible and internationally recognised impact on the way that groups and individuals handle earth-shattering events such as those that have occured over the last few months.

Critically analyse the use of modern information technologies and systems (by all categories of people: governments, authorities, relief agencies, reporters, individuals in the midst of the event, etc.) in responding to the crises of today.

Compose a response to the task above that meets the following conditions:
  • 1500 words in length (± 10%)
  • Employs a formal essay structure
  • Includes (i) in-text citations and (ii) full bibliography showing the author, URL and date published of all relevant sources
* To help you out, I've provided a shortlist of articles related to the importance of technology in helping to manage the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. This list is nowhere near exhaustive - just treat it as a starting point: