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10IPT: Exam Prologue

posted Jun 4, 2012, 2:26 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Jun 4, 2012, 3:06 PM ]
The text that follows is designed to provide an introduction to the research-related questions that will be presented in next week's assessment. Use it as a guide in choosing topics to investigate and content to bring with you into the exam hall to assist you in composing your answers.

"The future of technology is mobile, local, social."

These are the words of one of the most influential people in the technology world today. And while people may disagree as to how the exact specifics of that statement will play out, it's hard to argue with its general thrust. It genuinely seems like we are standing on the edge of (or perhaps have already even entered) a new era of technology in which the game-changing shift has come from devices that most of us carry around in our pockets - and from the world that those devices allow us to seamlessly access.

As we speak, the most significant technology companies in the world are turning incredible profits off of hardware and software that leverage 'the cloud' and provide regular people - not just tech-savvy enthusiasts and early adopters - with access to entertainment, interaction and location-specific information. All the while, a whole slew of non-technology groups and industries - advertisers, music publishers, TV producers, retail brands and even political candidates - are trying to jump into this new and competitive space, each for their own perceived benefits.

These trends have had deep implications in many regards. It has affected:
  • the technologies available to us, 
  • the way we use them, and 
  • the impact or effect upon us as technology users.

Okay - that's it! Remember, it's just a prologue - I'm not giving you the question (that would be too easy), but I am giving you a concrete direction to conduct your research in. I recommend that you select a range of news articles, company websites and press releases that revolve around the subjects and concepts touched upon in the paragraphs above. Don't forget the topics that will be covered in this exam and the issues that we have learned about in connection with these topics! With these clues you may even like to guess at the kinds of questions that could be written and try to answer some of them together with your friends.