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10IPT: Holographic Discs

posted Aug 16, 2011, 6:04 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 17, 2011, 2:13 PM by Eddie Woo ]

Criteria Marks
Correctly identifies the process and its related demand and reason 3
Correctly identifies two of the required information. 2
Correctly identifies one of the required pieces of information 1
Compares and contrasts the two pieces of hardware, including at least 4 distinct points. Demonstrates excellent understanding of the two pieces of hardware. 4
Compares and contrasts the hardware with 3 distinct points. Demonstrates good understanding of the pieces of hardware. 3
Compares and contrasts pieces of hardware with only 1-2 distinct points. Demonstrates elementary understanding of the differences. 1-2
Provides at least 2 advantages and disadvantages of this new technology (nature of work must be included here in some form). Gives their own judgement basing it on evidence supplied. Goes in-depth about the issue of changing nature of work. 5-6
Provides one advantage and disadvantage with an appropriate judgement. Goes into slight depth about changing nature of work. 3-4
Provides one advantage or disadvantage and has a superficial judgement. Does not mention the issue of changing nature of work. 1-2
Identifies an appropriate conversion method (anything other than direct) and justifies it with two distinct arguments. 3
Identifies an appropriate conversion method and provides one argument as justification 2
Does not provide justification or identifies an inappropriate conversion method with adequate justification. 1

Sample Answers
a)The information process related to this is storing and retrieving. The demand for this new piece of hardware was for increased secondary storage space and the reason was for increased bit depth or greater sampling rate to allow for higher quality of data.

- same recording speed
- same purpose i.e. secondary storage of data

- different storage space
- different methods of storing data
- different transfer rates (the new technology has a higher transfer rate)
- cost (Blu rays are cheaper)

c)Advantages of holographic discs
- they allow for more data to be stored, thus reducing the need for extra pieces of hardware, which would save physical space in the office.
- they allow for random access, which magnetic tapes do not, making it easier and convenient for retrieval of data.
- they have a extremely large transfer rate, which allows for data to be copied from a computer onto the disc at a rapid rate.

Disadvantages of holographic discs
- the fact that they have such a large storage size would mean that it would take an extremely long time (more than a day) to completely record data onto the disc, even if it does have a high transfer rate.
-the large costs companies have to pay to convert from their established storage medium to the new discs.
-the technology has not yet been proven to work in practical situation and may have difficulties if immediately implemented by a company.

Changing Nature of Work
-training has to be given to company workers about how to use the new technology.
-redundancies may occur in current positions that deal with the storage and retrieval of data such as magnetic tape workers.
-the redundant jobs would be replaced by jobs in the same field that require greater technical skill and expertise.

- slowly incorporates new technology into the company
- allows company to see if there are any parts of the new technology that are faulty or do not fit smoothly into system such as the backup procedure takes too long.

- provides a backup for the new system if the old one fails.
- allows for a comparison between the two systems as they are both functioning at the same time.

- gives experts a chance to analyse the full capabilites of the new system and then they can provide their judgement about quality of the system following that.
- the system does not have to be implemented if the experts find that it is not suitable
-allows for a trial of the system before its full implementation giving everyone an idea of how it functions.