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10IPT: Introduction to DSS

posted Apr 3, 2012, 2:35 PM by Eddie Woo
Woohoo! We made it to the final topic in the entire IPT course: Decision Support Systems. You've also survived a pretty hectic term of assessments - well done. Next term will be a little more calm, I promise! 

Our brains may be a weird squishy mass of strange-looking tissues and electrical signals, but it sure is capable of a lot. One major area that our brains excel at is decision-making. You are making decisions all day, every day, in situations of diverse nature, varying complexity, with multiple contributing factors and differing degrees of uncertainty. Yet your brain can handle most of them without breaking a sweat! 

How can computer-based information systems assist in this area? That's the focus of this topic. Let's get started. 
  1. Define a decision support system. 

  2. Identify some of the decisions you must make, including some of the factors that will influence your decisions and describing some of the options you might choose: 
    • Every day
    • Every week
    • Every year
    • Once in a lifetime

  3. The following tasks relate to the 'Structure Continuum'.
    • Contrast between the two ends of the continuum.
    • Identify the (approximate) locations on the continuum where your original set of decisions lies. If your decisions all tend to lie in a similar area, think of further examples that fill up the less-represented parts of the continuum.

  4. Complete the discussion questions provided on paper.