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10IPT: Major Project Topics

posted Mar 23, 2011, 7:20 PM by Eddie Woo
We've now gotten to the pointy end of this term's long series of activities. You guys have done a fantastic job keeping up with the breakneck pace - well done!

There is now only one pair of teams left to debate, and then Stage 1 (Planning) of your major project will be due. I'll soon be releasing the marking rubric for that task, but as I have said it many lessons, I expect most of you to score highly on this stage because it is not a particularly formal document. It is just designed as a tool for you - to help you make the most of Stages 2 and 3.

Now that everyone has (more or less) finalised their topics, I thought I would post the complete list of what everyone is working on - I love how we have such a broad spread of subjects! I've grouped topics by faculty:
  • Science
    • Geological Natural Disasters (Andrew C)
    • Space (Tim)
    • Motion (Sumedh)
    • Chemistry Olympiad (Stephen)
    • Waves (Vithoo)
    • Chemical Earth (Thanya)
    • The Periodic Table (Andrew T)
    • Biology (Varshinee)

  • PD/H/PE
    • Fitness Testing (Elizabeth)
    • AFL (Frank H)
    • Basketball (Vivian)
    • Athletics (Rodger)
    • Soccer (Michael)
    • Cricket (Jonathan)

  • Music
    • Trumpet (Samuel)
    • Pop Culture (Suren)
    • Instrumental (Rachel)

  • Commerce
    • Investing (Cheuk)
    • Anti-Scamming (Chris)

  • Software Design & Development
    • Searching & Sorting (Josh)
    • Game Making with VB (Ted)

  • History: World War 2 (Lalitha)

  • Visual Arts: Acrylic Drawing (Joanna)

  • Design & Technology: Film-Making (Frank X)
I am slightly interested that the two largest faculties in the school - English and Mathematics - aren't represented on that list. But I am glad that you have exercised your freedom to choose some very fun topics indeed! I can't wait to see the products you end up producing.