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10IPT: More Wireless Technologies

posted Feb 27, 2012, 12:48 PM by Eddie Woo
We live increasingly in a world without wires. I remember trying to set up a simple computer network at home in year 8 with my older brother (so that we could play networked video games, of course). For a whole week our house became a mess of cables and opened computer cases as we attempted (in vain) to establish a connection between a handful of nodes. Eventually we gave up - too hard! 

But now you can simply hop onto a network just by walking into the nearby vicinity and switching on wi-fi. In fact, many of you don't even have to do that - you already have a 3G connection live on the phone in your pocket, receiving text messages and Facebook notifications! This lesson will be spent looking further at these wireless technologies and the way they work. 
  1. Explain how mobile phones and base stations function together to achieve seamless communication.

  2. Outline the changes that have taken place as mobile phone networks have gone through various generations.

  3. Compare and contrast between the following close-range wireless protocols, providing examples of each: 
    • 802.11g
    • Bluetooth
    • Infrared
    • NFC