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10IPT: New System Choices

posted Sep 18, 2011, 2:30 PM by Eddie Woo
Today we're looking at two sets of choices that have to do with the implementation stage of a new system.
  1. Identify examples and counter-examples of systems where selection of hardware necessitates specific software.

  2. Explain why visualising the data and processes of a system should always precede the selection of information technology.

  3. Identify questions that system developers should ask to assist them in assessing different kinds of information technology for the system they are designing.

  4. For the questions identified in task 3, rank them in order of importance for:
    • Canteen 2012
    • DER laptop program (i.e. put yourself in the position of the system developers back in 2008)

  5. Review the set of options that system developers can choose from when choosing a method of conversion from an old system to a new system.

  6. Describe a situation where a combination of conversion methods would be suitable.

  7. Using the supplied worksheet, identify and justify a suitable method of converting the old system to the new system for each scenario. Use a combination of methods where appropriate.