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10IPT: Numerical DSS Tools

posted Aug 14, 2011, 1:38 PM by Eddie Woo
We're going to backtrack a little bit into decision support to have a look at some of the content we had to skip over because I wanted to get all the way through the course before the trial. Today we'll be focusing on some of the tools that we can use in spreadsheets to assist decision support.
  1. Describe linear regression, and explain how it can be used in a situation related to decision support.

  2. Outline the method used by the TREND function to predict a value, with reference to its data inputs.

  3. Use linear regression to predict the heights or weights of people in the class, and evaluate the accuracy of this method. Account for: 
    • The level of accuracy (whether high or low) that you observe in your spreadsheet
    • The varying levels of accuracy observed by others in their spreadsheets

  4. Now, include each person's fastest time for the 1.6km run in the field of known data. Does this increase or decrease the accuracy of the prediction? Explain why this may be so.

  5. In pairs, brainstorm a list of other results that may be predicted through linear regression, along with the known data that would be needed to predict it, and construct a spreadsheet that carries out this prediction.