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10IPT: Official Paperwork Galore

posted May 26, 2013, 4:18 PM by Eddie Woo
So for the second morning class in a row, I've given out some important physical handouts. In case you've been absent or late a lot, here is a list of what you may have missed: 
  • Exam schedule (starts next week, though your exam is actually the week after next) 
  • Marking rubric for the Prototyping Stage of your Major Project 
  • Prologue for Section C of your exam, along with examples of how past prologues have connected to the actual assessment questions 
If you have missed these, then it is critical that you come and see me to explain why you haven't been at morning classes. I will not give these out during classes within the normal timetable, nor will I publish them online. You guys know that I of all people am a big proponent of uploading content for students and making them available electronically, but I will not do so if it encourages an attitude of negligence and inattentiveness. 

I realise that there can be very good reasons for why people can't make morning classes, and sometimes people are absent for extended periods of time for health or family reasons. But in some cases this has been going on for weeks at a time and no one has come to me with an explanation for why they should be so careless with their class attendance. That's why I'm choosing to bring down the hammer - it's not a decision I've made lightly. 

So if any of this applies to you, then make a time to find me in the maths staffroom and let's talk. I really hate sending letters home or escalating issues to head teachers and deputies, but I will do so if this persists. I'd much rather address this issue within our class. I'm ready to listen - but you need to speak.