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10IPT: PlayStation Network

posted Aug 9, 2011, 2:25 PM by Eddie Woo
Was that question-writing exercise for no purpose? I think not! Here's the way today's lesson will work:
  1. Attempt the questions you receive on paper, as if they were actually set in an exam. (That means read the article, plan out your answers and write them in full sentences. Don't forget to pay attention to the number of marks assigned!)
  2. Once your time is up, pair up with someone (see the randomised list) and use the marking guidelines to give them a mark for each question.
  3. Return the marked answers to their author. When you have yours back too, feel free to argue about the marks based on the marking guidelines! Then, report your mark (out of 15) to Mr. Woo to be recorded.
  4. If your response included valid points that weren't included in the marking guidelines, then go into the document and add the relevant points to the sample answer.
  5. Some of you haven't finished writing your questions or answers! Use the remainder of the lesson to complete them (you really should be done by now).
P.S. If you are still lacking marks for your questions and can't think of any more, then maybe you should start writing questions on a new article. Here's a pair I found yesterday: