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10IPT: Starting DSS

posted Apr 2, 2013, 1:35 PM by Eddie Woo
This is it: the final topic in the entire IPT course. Decision Support Systems. It's a rather technical-sounding name, but it covers one of the most basic realities of your everyday experience: the challenge of making good choices. 
  1. Identify some of the decisions you must make, including some of the factors that will influence your decisions and describing some of the options you might choose: 
    • Every day
    • Every week
    • Every year
    • Once in a lifetime

  2. Define a decision support system, and outline reasons why an organisation or business might invest in designing, constructing and using one. 

  3. The following tasks relate to the 'Structure Continuum'. 
    • Contrast between the two ends of the continuum. 
    • Identify the (approximate) locations on the continuum where your original set of decisions lies. If your decisions all tend to lie in a similar area, think of further examples that fill up the less-represented parts of the continuum.