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10IPT: The Future DSS

posted Jul 19, 2011, 2:45 PM by Eddie Woo
No time-wasting - we are going to get stuck right into it! Today's double, there will be two components: a regular task-based component (see tasks 1-3 below), and a group presentation (see task 4). Get started!
  1. Watch "The Internet of Things". For one of the examples named in the video, describe how each of the seven information processes is occurring and the ultimate purpose of the system within which they take place.

  2. View the infographic embedded in the article, "Cisco Reminds Us Once Again How Big the Internet Is, and How Big It’s Getting". Outline three social and ethical issues that are raised by the article as a whole.

  3. Read the article, "Jawbone Takes on Health Market With New Sensor Wristband". Explain how the UP device acts as a DSS.

  4. In your groups, prepare a 4-minute presentation entitled The Future DSS & How It Will Change Life As We Know It. All group members must participate in the presentation itself and you must include a relevant Powerpoint slideshow (refer to Designing Presentation Slides). You will present on Friday.