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10IPT: Welcome to 2013

posted Jan 30, 2013, 4:58 PM by Eddie Woo
I hope you had a great holidays - since this is our first lesson, there are lots of different things that we'll be covering today as we kick off the new year. Let's begin!

Firstly, I've created a handy-dandy index of all the news posts (and now also videos) for each lesson you've had in the HSC course so far. I'll be including the prelim lessons eventually too. Use it to go back and make sure you're up-to-date with everything we've covered in class!

Secondly, a new year means new teams for your journalism assessment. Since I randomly assigned them last time, I'm going to let you arrange yourselves into teams of 4. When you have a team of 4, please post it in a comment below. Round 3 begins today, which means that you can reserve any situation or topic you like starting from now - your first articles as a new team will be due at 9am next Thursday (that gives you a week). As usual, response posts will be due the week after that. So to recap: articles due on Thursday 7 February, response posts due on Thursday 14 February.

Third and lastly, we'll be finishing off the multimedia topic by looking at how multimedia relates to the specific information processes. The first one we'll be looking at is storing and retrieving. The tasks are below:
  1. List some of the services that provide the facility for online multimedia storing and retrieving.
  2. Account for the massive success of such services.
  3. Select three sites that offer hosting for either video or images and contrast these three sites.
  4. Describe the unique benefits that result from using this kind of storage for multimedia.
Watch out for the HSC keywords!