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11M7: Series & Sequences

posted Dec 5, 2012, 3:15 PM by Eddie Woo
I've started shooting and uploading videos from my year 11 maths lessons. Here are the first few: 
  • Introduction to Series & Sequences (12:52). Funny story behind this video. I originally shot it last Friday afternoon, and it was the first time I had put up the camera and mic during a normal lesson (that led to a lot of fun questions). Anyway, as fate would have it, during the video several people visited and interrupted the lesson.

    It was really quite comical because usually no one visits my classroom, and on the day when I decided to get the camera out everyone was knocking on the door to C2.4! I had said that I would upload that video anyway, but after watching it I realised it was ridiculous. The video was twice as long as it should have been due to all the interruptions. So I re-shot it this morning and that's what you've got.

  • Arithmetic Progressions - Part 1 (11:14), Part 2 (3:50), Part 3 (5:12). The reason it is in three pieces is because I explain a few things, then get the class to work on things (during which I stop the video). In theory I could cut them together into one video, but one of my policies with maintaining this channel is that I do as little editing as possible (basically all I'm doing is cutting off the beginning and ending where I'm not talking because I just hit "record" or "stop recording"). Hence three videos. There's more information about what each video includes in the description of the video itself.
Lots more to come!