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23,289 words later...

posted Jul 11, 2012, 8:51 PM by Eddie Woo
I've done a lot of preaching this year - even more than usual. In a normal year I preach about 4 times, but I've already preached 7 times this year - and it's only July! And that's one of the reasons I've been so behind in uploading writings for 2012. Well, here's my effort at catching up. The following are all talk transcripts: 
  • The Anatomy of Sin (Jeremiah 2:1-32). I preached this one at Baulkham Hills Chinese Alliance Church as a favour to their youth pastor Vinh Doan, who was our Houseparty speaker last December.

  • Real Faith (James 2:1-26). There's quite a story behind this one. Kenny Liew (some of you may know him as the co-ordinator of Soul Purpose, the ISCF group at Baulkham Hills) had to go overseas on short notice, and so he called me in to preach this one for him. The only catch - he told me on Saturday afternoon and I had to preach at 5pm the next day! So this is probably the fastest manuscript I've ever thrown together... I suppose you can be the judge of whether it had any impact on its quality or not!

  • The final three talks from our Exodus series at ISCF: The Song (15:1-21), The Grumbling (17:1-7) and The Law (20:1-21). I really enjoyed giving these talks, but it's probably the last time I'm ever going to (willfully) deliver so many talks in a row!

  • The Gospel Initiative (Exodus 12 and Genesis 22, plus a whole lot of other passages). I gave this talk just a couple of days ago to ISCF leaders from a variety of schools, which was a real privilege.
Exhale! Believe it or not, I'm still behind in terms of uploading some of the writings I've been chipping away at from earlier this year... but they'll have to wait a little, as I have lots of other school work to catch up on. So expect another post like this in a few months or so!