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9IPT: Collecting

posted Feb 22, 2012, 12:06 PM by Eddie Woo
Without collecting, our information systems would have no data to work with! Please complete the following tasks: 
  1. Explain why there is more to collecting than simply "gathering data".
  2. Define the three aspects of collecting data.
  3. Outline the kinds of questions that should be asked when defining the required data.
  4. Describe some of the criteria used in selecting the source of data.
  5. Compare and contrast between the different methods for gathering data.
  6. In your textbook, read pages 38-43. For each of the collecting devices mentioned...
    • Briefly outline the way that the device collects data.
    • Identify the data type (i.e. numerical, text, images, audio, video) that the device collects (be careful!)
    • Describe the purpose that the device is specifically designed for (and make sure you distinguish between devices that appear to be very similar).